Friday, 20 August 2010

Introductions, preparations and contemplations.

Hello/Salut everyone!

Welcome to my brand new France blog! It's definitely not as exotic as some people's travel blogs, but it'll be an adventure for me and I hope it'll be at least a little bit interesting for you to read! Comments etc are more than welcome, and please subscribe! I'll be updating it at least semi-regularly with thoughts and ramblings and keeping you all up to date with what I've been up to over there.

If you didn't already know, I'll be spending 9 months in France as part of my BA Hons in Linguisitcs with French at Newcastle Uni. It will be my 3rd year out of a 4 year course, and I'll be spending it in Angers, west of Paris. I set off on the 31st August, get a train down to London, then the Eurostar to Paris, where I'll stay in a hotel for 1 night, and then get a TGV train to Angers which will take me around an hour and a half, hopefully arriving into Angers  mid afternoon. Then I'll be living in a small house with 2 other girls for September only, whilst trying to find alternative accomodation. I have just counted and it's only 10 more sleeps until I set off. 10! That's really not long now, eeeek!

There's lots to prepare and do before I go, and not long to do it in, but I'll try and keep this post short so I don't lose half my audience before I've even started!

CK xx

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