Tuesday, 21 September 2010

French admin & new digs!

Well, this past week I've really encountered something completely different compared to the administrative system of the good ol' United Kingdom. I've registered as a student with the University (which involved about 2 and a half hours of waiting around for what was essentially a 15 minute job per student) and tried to sort my timetable out, which involves a lot of research for not a lot of gain.
I've also had 2 house viewings, which were absolutely lovely, and have said yes to both. You may be wondering how I'm going to live in 2 places at once... well, the appartment that I'm moving into next week is until Christmas, and the other house is from January until May. I haven't quite learned the power of being in 2 places at once yet, unfortunately! They are both really nice rooms. This is the first one, in which I'll be living in about a week.

I have a double bed, and a wardrobe which you can't see on this picture because it's built into the wall on the right. There's also a telly and a little sofa thing.

The kitchen, with a little table, and a balcony for eating outside when it's nice, and an oven, which is making a lot of the Erasmus students jealous as their kitchens are extremely poorly equipped, with only 4 cooking plates and a microwave, and no oven or freezer, for the whole floor, which is around 30 people I think. They also have no cooking equipment at all!

The living room, which will become my flatmate's bedroom once I move in.

So that's until Christmas, I'm super-excited because the girl  is lovely, she's called Amélie and I think we're going to become really close. And my French will improve no end living with a francophone!

And this next house has a bit of a story to how I found it. You might remember me saying I needed to find a laundrette, well, I did. I went with one of the other British guys, Steven, as it's close to where he lives and there's a bus stop only 2 minutes away. The owner was there to help us work the machines and as I arrived a bit earlier than Steven, I got talking to him, and it turns out he lets out rooms to students, and he has one available from January, which is perfect for me! So I took his contact card and emailed him, and he sent me some pictures of the house, and then I had a viewing and decided I'd say yes to him today. It's such a relief to have it all sorted and just focus on studying and living in France!

Here are some pictures of the room and the house. The family lives on the bottom floor, and there's a separate entrance for the students, with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The bedrooms are all lovely and spacious. They all have double beds.

This is the one I'm thinking of taking, it'll a choice between this one and the largest one which gets the sun in the morning.

The kitchen, with an oven again :)

So I'm really excited to move in next week, and in the second house, the family are really lovely and have 4 gorgeous children.

I'm really happy here, and proud of myself that I'm actually here, in France, on my own, and I'm doing it! I'm interacting with people, and giving them directions (albeit the wrong directions, as I realised afterwards, d'oh!), and giving them the time, and helping old ladies in supermarkets, and getting accustomed to the 'bises'.

I even walked home with a baguette under my arm one day, and had it for lunch while it was still warm, with some lovely, creamy camembert. I like it here.


  1. Quelle belle maisons! (I have probably completely mucked the grammar up there!) I'm glad you're all sorted accomodation wise and are enjoying it. Definitely invest in a carte 12-26 for train travel.

  2. Thank you! I think I definitely will for when I go back home at least, they're good value!

  3. Liz how cool?! Both places look cool, I especially like the 2nd place. I love how you're settling into French life. Go you!

  4. Nice place you've found there. I'm a little bit jealous as you have a TV...
    But nearly everyone seems to have an blogspot-blog :-D