Saturday, 11 September 2010

Festivals and sorting offices.

Just a quickie today as I have lots to do!

I seem to be getting lost daily, yesterday I had to go to a sorting office which was very well hidden considering how big it was, and I walked for hours in flipflops and have blisters between my toes now, not nice. And the package? MORE flipflops! *oh the irony*
I suppose it helps me find my way around though, if I get lost in a slightly different place each time!

Then I went out with the Erasmus folk for drinks and to see the festival that's happening this weekend, except we only stayed at the festival for a bit and then wandered away from it... very confusing. I forgot my camera though so I'll remember it tonight and take lots of pictures!
The toilet in my flat is broken, not flushing at all so I have to go and tell the family today, that's on my To Do list, along with going to visit the other family in Bouchemaine, finding a laundrette and going to an afternoon party (with alcohol, naturally).

I'm quite excited about the festival this weekend so I'll take my camera everywhere with me and try and take lots of pics so  you guys can see what I'm getting up to over here!

A bientot!
CK xx

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  1. Hey hun, sounds like you're busy but having a whale of a time. Hope you get everything on your to-do list sorted and still manage to have fun at the same time. :D