Sunday, 21 November 2010

Exciting band news!

Ok, so this post will be a little different and won't be about France!

Instead, I'm going to shamelessly talk about my wonderful boyfriend and his even more wonderful band. This weekend they're recording their brand new professional quality EP, which is fantastic, I'm so proud of them. They spent all day in the studio yesterday recording 5 tracks, and today will be spent perfecting the vocals and piano parts. They're working so hard and they really deserve some recognition!

Ok, so a bit about the band if you've never heard of them. They're 4 guys from Newcastle (or living in Newcastle anyway!), they're called My Other Life and they make fantastic music together. Their sound is a sort-of piano based lyrical pop, similar to The Script or Keane. The singer is fantastic, I'm in love with his voice and I'd actually really like to do a duet with him if I ever get back into regular singing lessons! Here's a video of him playing an early idea for a song. Enjoy!

So that's their more chilled out stuff. James, the singer, started out on his own, playing gigs in piano bars and then he put the band together to get a fuller sound. So, the band line-up.

Timmy, my wonderful boy. You can still admire how beautiful he is though! hehe.

Then there's James, lead vocals, piano and harmonica:

Arman, guitar and backing vocals:

And last but not least, Alex on sexy bass!

And a band pic for you :)

A really short video of Timmy playing drums:

I'm so excited! The EP should be available for download sometime in December I think!

I'm sure there was more I wanted to say but I've forgotten (woops) so I'll just put some promo links in for you.

Their Youtube channel (subscribe pleeeeeease! more videos to come!) where you can watch them performing at gigs, and random banter will be uploaded from the recording process, including 'small willy' which I will let you discover hehe ;)

Their Reverb Nation page where you can listen to a few free tracks and a radio interview:

Their Facebook fan page (click on 'like' to keep up to date on upcoming gigs, recordings, banter, videos and more!):!/pages/My-Other-Life/124706810890172


Friday, 5 November 2010

Autumn colours and more strikes

Autumn is definitely here. I'm really enjoying my morning walk to the bus stop, leaves crunching under my feet, lovely reddish browns and oranges. I especially enjoy scuffing my converse along the path, kicking up leaves whilst looking down at my pretty shoes. I love these. £40 well spent! They don't seem to have shoes big enough for me in France, boo.

I looked out of the window earlier today and saw leaves falling off the trees. It made me happy. I'll have to take some pictures before they send a man round with a leaf-blower and erase all the lovely autumnal colours and leave the dull, dusty grey colour of the roads.

I'm feeling much more confident here, and much more at home. My flat is lovely, I'll be sad to leave at Christmas. I brought some DVDs back with me to watch, I'm loving Outnumbered at the moment but have finished series 1 and 2 so might be putting series 3 on my Christmas list! I'm missing baked beans and cheddar cheese and veggie burgers, although I have found some nice soya burgers which are 'indian' and a bit spicy and nice for a treat. I imported my fancy teas over and they now take up half of my shelf!

I'm currently sitting in my room, listening to My Other Life ( and comparing cultural differences between here and the UK. I think it's more laid-back here, French girls don't try as hard but still look incredible. Their make-up is subdued, hardly there, their clothes loose-hanging, revealing nothing yet flattering their slim figures perfectly. I think they definitely have the philosophy of 'less is more', but I like that, it's not as much pressure. It's going to be weird going back to the UK, I feel like this is my home now!

There are no lessons on at all at the moment, uni is blocked indefinitely because of more strikes, there are chairs and tables piled up outside the doors. Apparently this could go on for more than a month, insanity! I don't know what I'd do if there were no classes for a month, probably invite all my friends up here!

I forgot to put this picture on my last blog entry, it illustrates just how happy I was to be back home :) You may vomit a bit if you like ;)

Over and out!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Birthday week back in the UK

Sorry for it being such a long time since my last post!

I went home for 10 days for my 21st birthday, pictures can be found here (clicky) if you're interested. I went for a lovely Indian meal with my parents on the Saturday night, we ate too much and my mum and I shared a bottle of Rosé which was nice. Then on the Sunday (my birthday) I had a few friends round for drinks and my wonderful boyfriend arrived at about 11 after gigging. Bit of a shock after 2 months but it was great to see him.

We went to Manchester for the day on Monday and stuffed ourselves with Mexican food and strawberry daquiri in Chiquitos, but my camera died just before our food came so no pictures unfortunately! I bought some nice tea and hot chocolate from Whittards and a lot of stuff from Lush (naturally!)

Tuesday we drove up (well, he did) to Newcastle and I spent a few days catching up with my friends and doing make-up and clothes shopping! They don't have MAC in France... that's my excuse!
Friday I got my hair and nails done and got make up applied to go out in Newcastle, again pics on my Facebook which I linked earlier. Had a brilliant night with some of my favourite people in the world and really enjoyed being able to dress up again!

Saturday got up really late and then just lounged around and went to Tim's gig in the evening (again pics on Facebook) which was wonderful. Then we drove back to Preston and arrived about 3am.

Nearly didn't get to the airport but that's a different story, I made it in the end!

So now I'm back in France, having forgotten most of my French  and missing silly things like Cheddar cheese and veggie burgers/sausages. I'm sure I'll get back into it soon enough though, I'll soon be swinging bunches of garlic round my neck, and sporting a stripy top and a beret with a baguette under my arm, playing an accordion, half a cigarette dangling out of my mouth....

Bedtime. How I love 8am starts at Uni...