Friday, 5 November 2010

Autumn colours and more strikes

Autumn is definitely here. I'm really enjoying my morning walk to the bus stop, leaves crunching under my feet, lovely reddish browns and oranges. I especially enjoy scuffing my converse along the path, kicking up leaves whilst looking down at my pretty shoes. I love these. £40 well spent! They don't seem to have shoes big enough for me in France, boo.

I looked out of the window earlier today and saw leaves falling off the trees. It made me happy. I'll have to take some pictures before they send a man round with a leaf-blower and erase all the lovely autumnal colours and leave the dull, dusty grey colour of the roads.

I'm feeling much more confident here, and much more at home. My flat is lovely, I'll be sad to leave at Christmas. I brought some DVDs back with me to watch, I'm loving Outnumbered at the moment but have finished series 1 and 2 so might be putting series 3 on my Christmas list! I'm missing baked beans and cheddar cheese and veggie burgers, although I have found some nice soya burgers which are 'indian' and a bit spicy and nice for a treat. I imported my fancy teas over and they now take up half of my shelf!

I'm currently sitting in my room, listening to My Other Life ( and comparing cultural differences between here and the UK. I think it's more laid-back here, French girls don't try as hard but still look incredible. Their make-up is subdued, hardly there, their clothes loose-hanging, revealing nothing yet flattering their slim figures perfectly. I think they definitely have the philosophy of 'less is more', but I like that, it's not as much pressure. It's going to be weird going back to the UK, I feel like this is my home now!

There are no lessons on at all at the moment, uni is blocked indefinitely because of more strikes, there are chairs and tables piled up outside the doors. Apparently this could go on for more than a month, insanity! I don't know what I'd do if there were no classes for a month, probably invite all my friends up here!

I forgot to put this picture on my last blog entry, it illustrates just how happy I was to be back home :) You may vomit a bit if you like ;)

Over and out!


  1. Its lovely to see you settled. Seems there are strikes left right and center at the moment!

  2. I wish I could 'like' people's comments on here. Thank you for taking such an interest, I probably make it sound more exciting than it actually is though as there's not much to do now Uni isn't on!