Monday, 1 November 2010

Birthday week back in the UK

Sorry for it being such a long time since my last post!

I went home for 10 days for my 21st birthday, pictures can be found here (clicky) if you're interested. I went for a lovely Indian meal with my parents on the Saturday night, we ate too much and my mum and I shared a bottle of Rosé which was nice. Then on the Sunday (my birthday) I had a few friends round for drinks and my wonderful boyfriend arrived at about 11 after gigging. Bit of a shock after 2 months but it was great to see him.

We went to Manchester for the day on Monday and stuffed ourselves with Mexican food and strawberry daquiri in Chiquitos, but my camera died just before our food came so no pictures unfortunately! I bought some nice tea and hot chocolate from Whittards and a lot of stuff from Lush (naturally!)

Tuesday we drove up (well, he did) to Newcastle and I spent a few days catching up with my friends and doing make-up and clothes shopping! They don't have MAC in France... that's my excuse!
Friday I got my hair and nails done and got make up applied to go out in Newcastle, again pics on my Facebook which I linked earlier. Had a brilliant night with some of my favourite people in the world and really enjoyed being able to dress up again!

Saturday got up really late and then just lounged around and went to Tim's gig in the evening (again pics on Facebook) which was wonderful. Then we drove back to Preston and arrived about 3am.

Nearly didn't get to the airport but that's a different story, I made it in the end!

So now I'm back in France, having forgotten most of my French  and missing silly things like Cheddar cheese and veggie burgers/sausages. I'm sure I'll get back into it soon enough though, I'll soon be swinging bunches of garlic round my neck, and sporting a stripy top and a beret with a baguette under my arm, playing an accordion, half a cigarette dangling out of my mouth....

Bedtime. How I love 8am starts at Uni...


  1. Sounds like a lovely birthday! I love getting my make up and nails done, but alas it is a pricey treat. Glad you had a nice time back!

  2. Great post hun. Shame I couldn't be there to celebrate your birthday with you. *hugs* I swear I'll see you next time, even if it kills me. Well, maybe not if it kills me, but I'll definitely go through a lot of pain to see you. :)


  3. Pricey treat indeed! I splashed out at Nails Inc and paid £21 for a file and polish plus 1 nail varnish. Normal price for 10 mins is £17.50 but they had an offer on! Also MAC fit false lashes which was useful for popping my falsies cherry :D

    David I should be around for Christmas if you are?

  4. Yeah definitely. I dunno the dates when I'll be around yet but I definitely will be home. Me, you and Rob and Emma should do what we did last year and end up slightly tipsy/drunk in front of the warm fire playing twister. :P