Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Semestre 2, le premier semaine.

Goodness, I can't even tell you how daunting it is to come back to a completely blank page. I can only apologise profusely for the distinct lack of updates over here, but things got a bit hectic towards the end of the year...

I'll start with where we left off, and try and do things in chronological order so as to avoid more confusion!

Let's start at the beginning, eh? :)

I went to Cologne, Germany, for the Christmas markets, which were absolutely wonderful. I shall now steal some pictures from my wonderful Canadian friend, Andrea, as she took lots more that I did.

We drank lots of Gluhwein (hot mulled wine) and lots of yummy food was on offer, as well as all the market stalls. I had a very good weekend, if a bit tiring because we had to get two overnight buses...

A little kiddie helping wrap a chocolate santa at the Schocoladenmuseum! So cute.

So that was Cologne.

The next significant thing that happened was that Tim came to visit me. Bit of a drama when he arrived though, as his flight was delayed because of the snow so he miss his train to Angers and I had to go and meet him in Paris. The airline had put him up in a hotel, and to cut a long story short, we did manage to get a free hotel room together, but the taxi to get there cost about 75 euros, which is why I detest Paris so much.

We eventually got back to Angers and had lunch in my favourite café/bakery, then went back home.
The rest of the week is a bit of a blur, because what was meant to be a lovely romantic week in France turned into a disaster. Tim got ill, we took him to the doctor's and he'd got bronchitis and pneumonia, so he was put on some industrial strength painkillers and antiBs. The rest of the week for him was spent in a hot fever, in bed sweating and feeling sick and in a lot of pain. Poor thing. I looked after him and even bought him Chicken Soup! I haven't bought meat in a very long time but I was desperate for him to eat something, anything! I was getting drained looking after him all the time and frustrated with not being able to go out, and then I fell ill too, which was inevitable really. I was worried because of my asthma, so went straight to the doctors and got some painkillers and antibiotics as well, and then spent the rest of the week in bed feeling sorry for ourselves, only getting up to fetch more satsumas or blearily wander to the bathroom and back again. Pretty grim.

I was sad I didn't get to see any of my international friends in my last week there before Christmas, but not much could be done about it really. We managed to get our flight home and then just collapsed into bed and didn't get up before the afternoon the next day.

Tim is fine now, he has some leftover tissue damage which should heal itself, he has to go for another X ray in a week or so just to make sure everything's as it should be.

So. Rather eventful few weeks before Christmas!
My Christmas was lovely, Tim was at my parents' for it, and we went to church and had a good singsong in the morning, and Tim got mistaken for my brother by an old family friend, which was amusing! Then we had a giant Christmas dinner, I had a Higgidy goats cheese pie thing which was yummy, then we had Christmas Pud and in the afternoon went for a wintery walk in the snow.
On Boxing Day Tim drove us up to Newcastle and then we had a second Christmas with Tim's parents, which was lovely. I met up with some of my Uni friends, though not enough as I need to be better organised next time! I went for drinks with Joey and Dhanisha and then went to a Birthday/New Year's Eve party where I had a really good time!

I was very sad to come back, I didn't want to leave my friends and family and wonderful boyfriend but I'm very glad to be back too. Now comes the joy of choosing classes again... so stressful.

I might also venture to Turin, Italy this term to visit my aunt who's teaching there, which will be a first for me as I've never been to Italy before!

Anyway, I have a lot of things to do, so, a bientot!


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